4k TV Watching Growth Worldwide Report

Netflix original series are changing the way in which television is both made and consumed. Some of the most popular and most critically acclaimed series that are available today have been produced by Netflix, and they may only appear on Netflix. Netflix is a veritable television network in its own right, and it has become a solid rival for the existing television networks that are operating in a more old-fashioned manner. Netflix may quickly start surpassing them in terms of popularity and revenue. The trend towards 4k TV growth may only further that development.

The television series House of Cards is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular dramas of the past ten years, if not the past thirty years or more. The House of Cards is a Netflix original series, and it demonstrates what Neflix is capable of creating and releasing to the public. Netflix has also made the series available in Ultra HD. Netflix has proven that it is quite capable of capitalizing on important trends and recognizing when these trends are about to occur. The fact that Netflix has made one of their best and most popular series available in Ultra HD demonstrates the importance of this trend and the development of 4k TV growth.

Other acclaimed series have also signaled the trend towards 4k TV growth. Breaking Bad is considered one of the greatest television series of all time, and it has helped signal a new era of quality television everywhere. Breaking Bad is also available in Ultra HD, so people can watch this truly fantastic series in exquisite detail. Some people may become introduced to Ultra HD because they have the opportunity to watch Breaking Bad in that way.


Another Netflix original series, Marco Polo, is also available in Ultra HD. Marco Polo may not have the fame and renown that House of Cards has attracted, but it is certainly a well-regarded series to get into for anyone. It may serve as their introduction to Ultra HD, or to the original series of Netflix. The Blacklist is a much more obscure television series from a couple of years ago, and it only lasted for a single season. However, it is available on Netflix, and what’s more, it is available in Ultra HD.

The fact that a series like The Blacklist in the first place is available in such a specific format is a good sign. If only the most acclaimed series and the most popular series become available in Ultra HD, it is always going to be a highly niche medium. If more obscure series become available in Ultra HD, it signals that this format is starting to really catch on, and it may be catching on faster than some people may have initially suspected. Soon, 4k TV growth is going to expand even further, and more and more obscure television series will become available in this highly developed new medium. It’s all a matter of supporting these changes and the factors that are making them happen.

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