The History of Comedy

feature-1Comedy refers to any talk or work for the most part expected to be funny to amuse by inducing laughter, particularly in theater, movie, stand up drama and TV. The origin of the term is found in Ancient Greece. In the Athenian democracy the popular sentiment of voters was affected by the political parody performed by the comic writers at the theaters. The dramatic type of Greek parody can be portrayed as an emotional execution, which pits two groups or social orders against one another in an interesting agon or conflict. Northrop Frye depicted these two contradicting sides as a “Social of Old” and ” Social of Youth”. Read More→

Famous Actors Who Made Names in Comedy

feature-2If you can remember those famous Hollywood movies and it’s actors, you are probably one of the avid fans of comedy movies. Let us take a look at those who made names in comedy. Read More→

Comedy and Psychology

feature-3Major Psychologist and Psychiatrist in the United States believes that one of the best cure to those who are sick is laugher. As the saying goes; “laugher is the best medicine…” the main reason is that stress can make a lot of physical and psychological disorder worst and prolonged it’s process of curability but, a happy attitude together with the help of comedy programs or movies can help ease and lighten the situation. Read More→